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Working Filipinos are experiencing the highest level of stress compared to other Asian countries.

Fatigue, stress and burnout are all leading to a loss of productivity. Our surveys showed that 1 out of 4 employees are suffering from fatigue.


Employees are “quiet quitting” and more likely to resign if their workplace neglects mental health support.

The Philippines experienced a 176% increase in voluntary resignation across all industries during the pandemic.


Additionally, the average cost of attrition is 6-9 months of a resigned employee’s salary.

What Is Mind You’s Approach?


Education & Awareness

Reducing the stigma and normalizing mental health

We are part of every step of your employees’ wellbeing journey

We empower them with tools & resources to help them in their personal & professional development


A Diagnostic Approach

Make Better Business Decisions

We create insights and provide recommendations

Collecting your organization’s qualitative and quantitative mental health data

We provide a mental health solution tailored to your needs and goals


Convenient Access

A Safe Space, Anytime, Anyplace

24/7 Access to Mental Health Resources and Talk Therapy Scheduling

One Seamless Eco-System & Experience for your Employees Mental Health Support

We provide a mental health solution tailored to your needs and goals

Mind You Care Options for Workplace Settings

Mind You aims to provide all workplaces regardless of size with mental health support for their people to ensure that they’re properly supported both physically and mentally in every facet of their lives.

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