Mind You Accreditation Program

Raising the bar on mental health care standards

The Mind You Accreditation Program recognizes partners who have shown true commitment to improve their employees’ quality of life. These partners have taken all significant measures to ensure their employees are provided with the best mental health support.

These partners have successfully implemented a Mental Health Program that meets Mind You’s recognized key program components listed below:

Mental Health Policy

Having an official and documented mental health policy for the company coordinates all the strategies and services pertaining to the employees’ mental health. By having a guiding document, both employers and employees will be able to promote mental health in the organization. 

The company has an existing mental health policy in accordance with the Mental Health Act (RA 11036)

Access to
Preventative Therapy

Preventative therapy is an important part of any mental health program. Matched with our desire to destigmatize mental health, individuals should understand that seeking professional help is not just for the diagnosed, but for anyone who may need help in navigating through their thoughts and emotions. This allows the individuals to manage any risk factors before they escalate to a severe case.

Apart from the mere access to therapy, the ease in booking and having these sessions are just as important.


All employees have access to preventative therapy with licensed professionals.


Counselling may be done virtually


Booking may be completed in less than an hour


Booking may be done directly by the user


Required booking notice for sessions is at least 48 hours


Booking may be done from any location


Counselling is free of charge for all employees

Case Escalations

Escalation protocols if there are any severe risk cases should be present and clear for management teams. This enables the teams to act accordingly to ensure the safety of their employees.

There are escalation protocols set for high-risk cases

Protocols set to identify high-risk cases

Protocols set to escalate identified high-risk cases

Psychiatric interventions ready should high-risk cases require

Psychological First Aid

Closely related to having escalation protocols in place, it is also important for the organization to have a trained point of contact when these escalations happen. This person will need to be trained on psychological first aid before the mental health program roll-out to ensure the safety of any high-risk users.


Psychological first aid training is done for program implementers


There is a clear point of contact for high-risk escalation


Point of contact is provided extensive psychological first aid training


Confidentiality is critical in ensuring that the preventative sessions will be effective. Any recipient of a mental health initiative should be able to trust both the professionals and the entire system that allows these sessions to happen. 

Thus, it is important to have a service provider and a system that complies with privacy laws for accessing counselling sessions. It will also be ideal to only allow licensed professionals to conduct the therapy sessions with the employees as they are strictly bound by their Code of Ethics.

Compliance to national privacy standards

Mental health service provider is registered with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)

Professionals engaging with employees are licensed by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)

Virtual sessions are done through a platform that meets the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Mental Health Awareness

It is vital that employees are continuously taught and reminded about the importance of mental health. Raising awareness will allow us to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage everyone to proactively seek ways on how to manage and take care of it. 

Education will supplement all the other support initiatives in truly helping our workforce become happier, healthier, and more productive.


Education on mental health is provided to all


Resources about mental wellness are regularly shared to all employees


Learning sessions are regularly held by certified professionals

Are you ready to take the next step in your organization’s mental well-being?