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Lack of proper mental healthcare results in employees who are:

Mental healthcare yields cost savings

Investing in proper mental healthcare reduces these costs and increases the productivity of your workforce = 2.3x Return on Investment

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Support for the Compliance with the Mental Health Act

Mind You programs for both large enterprises and SMEs support the compliance with the Mental Health Act (RA 11036) and offers assistance with Mental Health Policy creation or review.


Employee Assessments and Psychometric Reports

Beyond utilization, Mind You provides company leaders an overview of the company’s mental and work health through the lens of the employees.


Outsourced Mental Health Service Provider

Decreases the perceived conflict of interest which allows for higher employee engagement, utilization, and transparency. In addition, Mind You meets with local and global standards for confidentiality.


Education Campaigns, Training and Wellness Webinars

Mental Health First Aid Trainings provided to leaders and supported by additional management resources on how to promote mental health in their respective teams.


Return on Investment

With the comprehensive approach of providing education, training, access to professional help, data monitoring, paired with the company management’s support, Mind You ultimately aims for healthier, happier, and more productive employees.


Escalation Protocols for Severe Cases

Our preventative care includes identifying and escalating any high-risk users to be immediately given the appropriate care and program. This includes provisions for interventions, if needed.

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