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How Do We Measure Impact?

We’re proud that we hold the highest standards for mental healthcare in the country. After every session with one of our brilliant psychologists, a survey response is requested. Part of the survey is an international standard Net Promoter Score Survey that determines if an individual would recommend us to their friends, family or colleagues.

Where is Mind You?

Session Feedback

Outsourced Doers

[Psychologist] is great! I didn’t expect that much from him because I was only here out of curiosity. But he managed to make me open up about my current challenges at work and accept that I really need his help (I was in denial at first). He even extended our session for my sake. I was ready to let him go after an hour, but he insisted on finishing our session. Overall I wish to have another session with him in the future. He helped boost my confidence and reminded me that I was actually doing great despite my situation and that if ever an opportunity comes, believe that I deserve it and take it.

Lufthansa Technick

Thank you for the session. I always wondered how it would feel like to consult a psychologist. Your approachability and being accommodating made it feel like I was talking to a barkada with whom I can open up easily about my personal life, problems, and so on. The mood was light and engaging. I can imagine if I was under severe stress, I would come out of the session feeling more relaxed and relieved. Although it was more of an introductory session, it is kind of foreboding as to the quality of what the in-depth sessions would be like. I learned something about the MH Provider industry, and will highly recommend it to assist colleagues who may be in need of such services, especially during this time of the pandemic.

Customer Success Management

Xandra Feliza B. Galang
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources - Learning, OD, and Engagement | SM Supermalls

Mind You has exceeded my expectations with their service and responsiveness. The feedback we are receiving from our employees who have used their service has always been excellent and they highly appreciate the support of the organization to their overall wellness. People are our greatest asset at SM Supermalls, so we needed the best solution to look after our company’s mental health, and ensure compliance to the Mental Health Act. We highly recommend having a mental health employee assistance program. Having a partner like Mind You will make things move faster with a plug and play implementation.

Jovi Bernabe
Senior Associate Learning Experience Designer | Habi Education Lab

As the liaison between my company and Mind You, interactions with Mind You have been a breeze. I appreciate the care and attention they provide through their regular updates. As a user, although I’ve personally not maximized the service yet, I appreciate the regular emails, and the fact that the service is available to me at any time should I need it. I also appreciate the positive impact it has on my organization, who I think similarly appreciate having partnered with Mind You as our MH service provider.

Jennifer Dela Cruz
Compensation and Benefits Manager | CEMEX

Topics are very relevant and interesting. The Mind You app is very user friendly. Our Account Officer is very responsive to our inquiries and needs. There is regular reporting of utilizations of sessions.

Educational Content and Events

Maria Liana Antonio
Security Bank

All the useful relevant information, and the fact that the event hosts made the attendees comfortable about the idea of obtaining guidance for the maintenance of their mental health. The whole presentation sounded legit and highly professional and exuded a positive vibe. I was quite impressed.

Nico Mallillin
Head of Employee Engagement | Mynt / GCash

Congratulations, team for an extremely well-organised Go-Live event! Just to share, our average attendance for webinars is only 30-40 people. We were able to have as high as 195 employees today despite it being arranged after office hours where the majority might decide to just rest. Extend my thanks to the team! They did awesome.

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