Mental Health Awareness Month: Understanding the Mind & Body Connection

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This event will enable individuals to learn about the strong link between the mind and body, how various mental health concerns manifest physically, and the benefits of developing a healthy lifestyle that can leave a positive impact on mental health.

The goal is for individuals to walk away with a better understanding of the relationship of the mind with the body, and to impart practical tips to nourish both aspects of their health.

Rea Celine Villa,

Mind You Senior Psychologist

As a senior psychologist at Mind You and in line with its mission, she helps develop innovative mental health programs and integrated policies that strive to help the company and its clients. She is also responsible for managing operational systems and strategies and manages the team of psychologists that power Mind You’s sessions.

Rea is a registered psychologist and educator whose passions include the promotion of positive mental health practices and helping others overcome mental disorders such as anxiety and stress. Through her 15 years of experience with education in the university setting, Rea continues her advocacy through her work today.

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