Samuel Aquino Jr., RPsy

I’m Samuel and my approach to therapy is an integration of mindfulness-based, cognitive and systems perspectives. I use activities that cultivate kind awareness of inner and interpersonal experiences so that clients are more insightful and purposeful about the concerns they bring to therapy. The approach that I use brings together providing psychoeducation, developing self-awareness and acceptance, strengthening social connections, and sustaining therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Working with me means we will explore ways you could:

  • Be present and kind with your experiences
  • Feel connected to yourself and your relationships
  • Get curious and wiser about your thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Stay motivated through nourishing and depleting life events


Anxiety, Career, Existential Issues, Grief And Loss, HIV, Integrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Mood Issues, Positive Psychology, Psychological Disaster Response, Relationship Issues, Resilience, Stress Management, Trauma, Work Issues, Yoga