Paskong Pinoy: Understanding the Psyche Behind Filipino Christmas Traditions

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Christmas in the Philippines is one of the most important holidays in Filipino culture. This webinar will explore the history behind our holiday traditions, including the psychological implications that tie into the season.

This webinar aims to educate attendees about the traditions that we partake in and the psychological phenomena behind how Filipinos celebrate Christmas. The webinar will also discuss the ways in which Filipinos had to adapt in celebrating Christmas during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the psychological effects of that adaptation.

Rea Celine Villa,

Mind You Senior Psychologist

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Rea is a registered psychologist and educator whose passions include the promotion of positive mental health practices and helping others overcome mental disorders such as anxiety and stress. Through her 15 years of experience with education in the university setting, Rea continues her advocacy through her work today.

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