National Mental Health Summit

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National Mental Health Summit

The Impact of Stigma on Mental Health

Speaker: Rea Celine Villa

History of Mental Health in the Philippines and How the Mental Health Act Came About

Speaker: Senator Risa Hontiveros

The National State of Mental Health

Speaker: Susan Sabado

Women's Impact on the Economy and the Role they Play in Maintaining the Mental Health of the Family

Speaker: Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia

Covid-19, Mental Health, and its Impact on LGUs

Speaker: Mayor Joy Belmonte

The Effect of Covid-19 on Mental Health and Its Importance to National Recovery

Speaker: Frances Cuevas

Breaking the Binary. Breaking the Stigma

Speaker: Mira Alexis Ofreneo

The Mental Health Landscape of the Filipino Youth

Speaker: Bb. Pilipinas Francesca Taruc, Araneta City

Caring for Mental Wellbeing as a Business Decision

Speaker: Cheryll Lat-Agsaoay

The Price of Presenteeism: Computing for the cost of poor mental health in a corporate setting

Speaker: Miguel Valdez

Public Mental Health in the Philippines

Speaker: Dr. Dinah Palmera Nadera

Psychology and Sports

Speaker: Dr. Karen Trinidad

About Mind You's Partnership with the Australian Government via the Business Partnerships Platform

Speaker: Steve Robinson AO

What's Next for Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Speaker: Yuri Marshall

Panel Discussion

Speakers: Miguel Valdez, Dr. Dinah Palmera Nadera, Rea Celine Villa, Michael J. Needham

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