Mind You Officially Certified As “A Great Place to Work”

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For over 30 years, the Great Place To Work Institute has searched far and wide for organisations that embody their ‘high-performing workplace cultures’. The organizations awarded are those that consistently reflect the Great Place to Work® Trust Model© which consists of five dimensions namely: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. With ample research and providing trusted benchmarks such as the Great Place to Work® Trust Model© the institute aims to empower organisations all over the world in transforming workplace cultures for various industries.

It is with great honor that we announce that our organisation, Mind You Mental Health Systems, has been certified a “Great Place to Work”, with 92% of our employees stating that the company embodies a transformative high-performing workplace culture.

Mind You endeavours to create an environment for its employees to thrive. With opportunities for growth, a delicate balance between being given guidance and independence, and employees that are deeply connected to our mission and vision, we are constantly being set up for success.

Sandra Rodriguez, Marketing Communications Manager

How can we care for others, if we can't take care of our own people," is a mentality we reflect on at our workplace. Despite the fact that Mind You's services are for the betterment and wellbeing of others, the company always tries to make it a point to take care of our employees first. Making sure that everyone is in a good place only serves to improve their work, which in turn improves their service. Mind You is a great place to work at because the company takes care of its own to be able to take care of others.

Dan Villafuerte, Senior Psychologist

I believe Mind You is a great place to work because everyone, regardless of what department you're in, is pro growth. Though we have cultivated a competitive environment, it isn't one for personal gain; rather, the kind of environment where we want to see each other thrive and become the best versions of ourselves despite the roadblocks & challenges that we face in the kind of industry we're in.

Hanna Llamanzares, Senior HR Associate

Mind You is a great place to work in for the simple fact that everyone that I have worked with in the company is passionate about mental health not just in the Philippines but in general. It's a different environment to work in where some workplace issues and toxicity are minimized because everyone is aware of mental health.

Cedrick Amamio, Web Designer

Mind You makes sure that everyone in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact, and is contributing to the good of society.

Robert Escalona, Senior Customer Success Associate

Mind You is a great place to work because it is not just an office, the whole team makes up one extraordinary organism. Everybody is aligned in valuing the mission and making sure that we succeed in creating an impact in the mental health space of the Philippines. You could see burning passion overflowing everyday, and the management makes sure to support everyone in the team to achieve greater professional and personal development.

Kath Sabalza, Executive Assistant of CEO and COO

Mind You cultivates a healthy yet productive environment while nurturing the common goal of driving the organization's advocacy forward. We link as one, and we are slowly creating bits of change for the future of mental health.

Clarisse Ronquillo, Junior Social Media Marketing Associate

Mind You is a great place to work in because of the people. It’s pretty amazing to see so many people from different walks of life find a place where their passion aligns. Where everyone is supportive and encouraging to help fulfill dreams and aspirations.

Chanchal Badlani, Psychoeducational Content Associate

Mind You is a Great Place to Work at because the intention behind every action is clear: to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives by caring for their mental health. As an advocacy-driven person, this environment has helped me work with more flexibility and openness to feedback in constant striving towards that big dream.

Trisha Reyes, Production & Events Associate

Mind You is a great place to work because of the drive and passion everyone has in working towards the vision, and how collaboration among different departments are encouraged.

Arrah Balucating, Marketing Communications Associate

Since its inception, Mind You has made it a point to establish transparency, encourage individual growth and promote leadership amongst its employees. Its vision to help 1 million people overcome stress, anxiety, and depression with the best mental healthcare by 2025 holds greater meaning with every individual in the company working passionately towards its cause.

If your organization is interested in availing of mental healthcare support, reach us at letstalk@mindyou.com.ph or visit www.mindyou.com.ph.

If you are an individual looking to book therapy sessions, visit www.mindyou.com.ph/public for more details.