Mind You Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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Mind You Celebrates Its First Anniversary


This month marks the 1 year anniversary of Mind You’s mission in the Philippines. We have grown from 5 original founders to over 50+ dedicated souls who work day and night to help support people’s mental wellbeing and to help save lives.

Last Saturday, some of our Mind You family celebrated its first-year anniversary on a beautiful beachfront estate in the Philippine province of Batangas. The purpose of the getaway was to re-centre our energies and strengthen our culture of contribution, gratitude and passion towards changing the well-being of a nation.

The celebration consisted of a variety of culture building activities such as football, archery, grounding, meditation and life goal-setting. Besides celebrating our annual milestone, it was also an opportunity to ensure that our team continues to practice what we preach.

As a culturally transformative organisation, with a challenging mission to destigmatize attitudes towards mental health, we have been expanding our team and travelling at rocket speeds. It was of paramount importance for us to be highly self-aware and grant ourselves the time and space to build on the meaningful connections we have with one another. We took the time to recharge and rejuvenate in the presence of nature, and to re-focus on our own goals—both work and personal. This week also marks the third year anniversary of the Mental Health Act, a legislation that provided a springboard for Mind You to serve the people and manifest our vision.

The team came away from our company retreat feeling well-rested and more motivated than ever. Our bond to nature and to the nation solidified our endeavour to realise that it is both a privilege and an absolute pleasure that the work we are doing is the most meaningful work of our lives. 

It is quite humbling what Mind You has achieved so far. We now work with 15 different industries, including Retail, BPO, IT, Education, Banking and Finance, amounting to over tens of thousands of employees in total and counting. We have implemented a robust internship program, partnering with three universities and have subsequently hired four student candidates as full-time employees. We are now receiving daily bookings for psychology sessions each month, illustrating that we are slowly but surely reducing stigmas surrounding mental health.

We believe that if we can create a world that feels more secure and a little less afraid, we can brave the tides of life. A life  where mental health is a stronghold as opposed to a weakness, where empathy, compassion, gratitude and patience takes center stage, where we can all truly accomplish our goals and feel fulfilled, in whatever way that is meaningful to you. 

We wish to also acknowledge that we would not be here without the support from business leaders who believe in the importance of mental health and how it affects every aspect of one’s life. We would like to thank them all for their trust, their commitment, and for investing in their employees’ wellness during these unprecedented times. 

Here’s to our life’s best work – and to anyone reading this, we look forward to hearing your story and how you have overcome your challenges. Let’s change our culture together, hand in hand, we can create a safe prosperous nation and take care of each other’s well-being.

Sandra Rodriguez

Marketing Communications Manager

If your organization is interested in availing of mental healthcare support, reach us at letstalk@mindyou.com.ph or visit www.mindyou.com.ph.

If you are an individual looking to book therapy sessions, visit www.mindyou.com.ph/public for more details.