How Filipinos Can Implement A Growth Mindset At Work

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How Filipinos Can Implement A Growth Mindset At Work


Ever since primary school, teachers and parents have always enforced the ideology of a specific kid being talented or gifted. This has affected the rest of the kids, thinking they are not good enough or can never reach that level of intelligence. We cannot deny the fact that some are born with extraordinary abilities, however, the rest 90% can be equally gifted once you used the power of “growth mindset”.

A growth mindset is a firm belief that anything can be learned or achieved through consistent effort in developing personal growth. The belief that applying for hard work and pushing yourself to learn new things can accomplish any challenges. Studies and research have shown that individuals who practice growth mindset not only succeed but also live a more meaningful and improve mental health work.

So why not implement the lakas ng growth mindset for the betterment of overall mental in health Philippines?

1. Go The Extra Mile

Many Filipino’s mental health is effected at work due to the absence of productivity and innovative measures. With a growth mindset, you need to discover ways to start improvements in the workplace. Learn what your company is lacking, what is it that is creating a barrier in generating more profit? Going the extra mile to research and learn the mistakes in the company is the first step in creating a productive paligid.

2. Increase Engagement

To accelerate the concept of growth mindset includes letting everyone participate towards a greater cause. Talk to your seniors or co-workers about taking risks and creating something new or trying for an alternative. Bawat isa take part in it, educate them about why you need it to happen, and the benefits from it. Once everyone agrees, it becomes easier to develop a growth mindset in your work environment.

3. Face Challenges

The most common saying “take challenges as an opportunity” can be a mantra for many successful people. This changes your perception and you accept risks and problems that come your way. It diverts problems as a task that needs to be solved or fix. While finding means to fix it, in the process you learn new strategies and procedures that can develop your skills.

The process of going the extra mile in discovering problems, increasing brain power engagement in the workplace to grabbing challenges. These are the tagumpay to implement an effective growth mindset at work.

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