Employee Wellness, Air Quality and Mental Health

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Employee Wellness, Air Quality and Mental Health

IndoorCare and Mind You discussing the link Between Mental Health and Air Quality

Webinar Presented on the 27th May, 2021

In this webinar, we will be going in depth to create a better  Understanding the link between Mental Health and Air Quality.

  • Studies showing the relationship between air pollution, mood and productivity
  • Understanding what constitutes air pollutants, and which pollutants specifically occupy indoor spaces
  • How indoor pollution affects our mental health
  • IndoorCare’s services and office plans
  • There will be a giveaway for a complete floor of an organisation to be covered by indoor care and a secondary price of a indoor air quality assessment.

Hosted by Cameron Quin, Mind You’s COO and guests:

Matthias Gelber, a Director of IndoorCare and pursued his passion to help the planet with a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science and in 2008, he was voted ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in a global online competition and he received the Green Icon of the year award in Malaysia in 2016. 

He built SE Asia’s first off-grid tiny mobile eco-home in Malaysia in 2017 and he has given eco talks in a professional capacity in 42 countries worldwide. Locally he has been a consultant and trainer for ADB, DTI, CITEM, and many other organizations. Currently, he is the Sustainability Director of GSX Exchange, ESG Advisor for the Philippines Stock Exchange and brand ambassador for IndoorCare.

Jeroen van Straten who is the founder of Indoorcare and is an entrepreneur and involved with several companies in various industries. One is a company that handles clients who have indoor air quality issues in their offices that result in employee health and wellness concerns with absenteeism and resignations as a result. He could not find any company that could solve the poor indoor environment issues and help provide healthy indoor work environments for building occupants. This led him to start IndoorCare. 

IndoorCare was founded in 2019 just prior to the Covid19 pandemic taking the world by surprise.

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