Client Content Creation and Delivery Policy


Content Marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can drive engagement, education and empower its viewership. Mind You takes this seriously when it comes to content creation for our clients.

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure very clear standards on both our content quality and to manage expectations of our clients. It is to ensure we get the best result for our clients while maintaining creative control over everything we produce.

Why it is important to you

  • Its primary purpose is not promotional. Other than the occasional call-to-action to book in a session, our content is very educational with specific tools and strategies to help with life and mental health.
  • It closes the understanding gap.
    Mind You believes that knowledge is power. Our content’s ultimate purpose is to increase awareness surrounding all topics involving mental health, with the goal of creating more empowered and resilient individuals. 
  • It is well-written.
    We invest significant resources into our content creation to ensure the final product is relevant, educational, engaging and easy to understand. 
  • It solidifies the intention of the company.
    We work with businesses of different scales from numerous industries so it is important that we can consolidate our clients’ mental wellness strategy that will positively reflect on them.
  • It increases utilisation.
    By the continuation of engagement, we can increase the utilisation of the use of services over time.

What we do

  • Provide a partnership launch template and marketing collaterals for your review to match your organisation’s needs 
  • Provide a partnership announcement poster for clients’ social media or website use
  • Provide materials for activation and utilization boost campaigns
  • Design posters for any upcoming client-exclusive events 
    • Lead time for curated content is four (4) working days 
  • Enable clients to opt-in and opt-out of any campaign
    • To opt out of a campaign, a client employee can unsubscribe at any time 
    • To opt out the entire organisation from a campaign, the client must give five (5) working days’ notice 
  • Notify you at least 2 weeks before and give you the choice to opt-in for any new campaigns

What we do not do

  • Create entire campaigns specific to an individual client, unless previously negotiated with large enterprise clients
  • Add client logos on campaign materials. Due to a perceived conflict of interest and concerns over confidentiality, adding client logos on Mind You’s materials will result in lower user engagement
  • Customize or edit any general campaigns sent out to all users
  • Submit a year-long engagement calendar: as our content is always being produced based on both current events and the best scientifically validated information, it is a constant work-in-progress


What you can expect Description Particulars Examples Client modifications
Intro and Activation Campaign 1. An email that formally introduces the partnership between Mind You and your company to your employees.

2. Psychoeducational content that introduces client employees to mental health. Some topics include: the different mental health professionals and the roles they play, the benefits of counselling, how to overcome a productivity slump, the benefits of booking a session with Mind You, etc.
11 Emails (if without a Go-Live Event)

13 Emails (if with a Go-Live Event)
Poster cannot be modified, but email body can
General Campaigns Campaigns that run for everyone. Clients can subscribe on an opt-in basis. Depends E.g. Wellness Wednesdays – content centered on psychoeducation, motivational and productivity. An extension of the Go-Live materials, covering a wider array of topics.

1 Email per week (ongoing)
Cannot be modified
Employee Mental Health Assessment Email campaigns educating about the importance of the EMHS, how we guarantee confidentiality and how client employees can access the survey. 7 Emails Cannot be modified
Activation or Utilisation Boost Campaigns Engagement campaigns that aim to increase activation or utilisation of the Mind You platform. At discretion of client Marketing Operations Team to present content options. Actual content cannot be modified, but email text, send time and dates can be.
Public Partnership Announcement A poster illustrating the partnership as part of a LinkedIn post. 1 poster shareable at your discretion. Poster and LinkedIn post copy can be modified
Exclusive Events A poster detailing event information. 1 poster E.g. Go-Live Events, Leadership & Management Trainings Can be modified
Non-Exclusive Events A poster detailing event information. 1 poster E.g. Webinars Cannot be modified