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Afraid of Being Canceled? 5 Helpful Tips to Protect Yourself from Cancel Culture

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How much time do you typically spend scrolling through social media—watching various videos, subscribing, and following different artists? Engaging in different dance challenges, using diverse hashtags, and sharing various memories and stories—all in an effort to be aesthetically pleasing. Social media has significantly contributed to improving and simplifying our lives, inspiring us to explore newfound abilities we never thought possible. It facilitates connections with people from different corners of the world, allowing us to travel and learn about diverse cultures from the comfort of our own spaces.

While it is a beautiful and colorful world to be in, it comes with its own set of horror stories. One wrong move and your beautiful fairy tale could turn into one of your worst nightmares.

What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel culture is a social media-driven practice where individuals are publicly shamed to reduce their influence and attention. It has been gaining strength as it has become a form of social justice for people who have been wronged. It is a call for the perpetrator to be accountable for their mistakes. Cancel culture was a factor in fighting for inequalities and wrong behavior. It has become an empowering moment for others as they could unite for a common cause.

On the other side of the coin, others see cancel culture as a form of online bullying. This viewpoint suggests that instead of fostering constructive dialogue, cancel culture can turn into a force that uses public shaming and exclusion to target individuals, undermining the principles of open discourse and diminishing the potential for collective accountability.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

We cannot ignore the fact that cancel culture is here to stay; however, there are things we can do to avoid being canceled online.

1. Don’t act upon your emotions immediately

Our emotions are fleeting, and acting upon them when triggered could lead us to decisions we might regret. While venting when angry might feel good, it does not help, as venting strengthens neural pathways, making it easier for us to get angry.

2. Practice kindness

It’s important that in every situation and action, we try our best to be kind because, as we all know, kindness goes a long way. When we are kind, we also give our bodies the care they need, bringing a positive impact on our mental health. It helps us connect and create a sense of belongingness.

3. Think before you click

This is a famous quote circulating on the internet, popularized by a well-known broadcasting company, and it makes so much sense. We must be mindful of the things we upload and say online. If it helps, ask for another opinion to check if your post might appear offensive or degrading. Sometimes, we may not recognize our own tone, and having another set of eyes can be helpful.

4. Don’t be afraid to apologize

It takes a lot of courage to admit when we are wrong. While some may perceive an apology as a sign of weakness, contrary to belief, an apology can be a powerful tool to reconcile and restore trust for things that may have been broken. Just make sure that your apology is honest and sincere.

5. Detach from social media and seek real-life experiences

The pandemic increased our time online to connect with the people we love. Now that things seem to be back to normal, why not go out and see the world in its actual beauty? Spend time with friends, and family, go on adventures, and learn new things.


Let’s always be mindful of how we act and react on social media. It is a helpful tool to connect and discover new things. Let’s aim for social media to be a safe space where everyone is accepted and included.

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