5 Tips for Self-Discovery: How to Know Yourself Better

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Have you ever found yourself browsing through social media admiring beautiful photos of others and wondered what it feels like to live a day like them? Have you ever thought of having another life like others?

In this digital age of constant comparison on social media, it’s easy to find yourself yearning for a life that seems perfect and put together. You might wonder how some people effortlessly manage their careers, and personal lives, and maintain a flawless Instagram presence. This article explores the journey of self-discovery, particularly for women, in a world where everyone seems to be living their best lives. While it may seem challenging, living authentically is both attainable and empowering.

What can I do to live authentically?

1. Reflect

Our reflection sometimes scares us. But if we look closely, there are a lot of things we can discover. Take time to look in the mirror and see yourself – your flaws, weaknesses, and limitations. Reflect on how it makes you feel. Would you settle and let yourself be consumed with those thoughts? Now, look at your strengths. How can these strengths help you with the flaws, weaknesses, and limitations you see?

2. Identify your values and beliefs

As you look into the mirror, ask yourself what you believe in. What are your values? What do you like? Who is this person standing in front of me? What do I hate? What do I love? What principles do I believe in? Understanding your values and beliefs will help you make choices that align with your identity.

3. Explore your interests and develop your skills

Engage in various activities and hobbies that will genuinely interest and excite you. Try as many things as possible, and if you fail, let yourself fail. Experience is a great tutor, and if you already found the perfect place, everything will just flow.

4. Set goals

Things can get tough in your journey to self-discovery. It may look like a big wall is ahead. It’s okay; that happens! What you can do is set small, actionable, easy-to-reach goals. Even if that is the slightest, tiniest way to get to know yourself, go for it. Progress, regardless of how big or small, is still progress.

5. When things get hard, call a friend

Sometimes it is really difficult to notice our actions; therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out and seek help from people around you. Ask people you trust for their honest feedback. If you don’t have anyone around, some professionals can help.

Remember that your journey to self-discovery is an ongoing process. Be patient and compassionate with yourself throughout this journey. It is not a straight line; there are ups and downs, but hey, roller coasters are fun, right? (Unless you are like me who has a fear of heights.) Embrace the process and enjoy the discovery of your authentic self.

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